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Your resume and LinkedIn profile are your virtual first impressions. Make them shine and receive opportunities you deserve.

Resume Writing

A strategic, targeted resume can help you land an interview for your dream job. Packages range from DIY editing to a full re-do.

LinkedIn Profile Writing

Your LinkedIn profile is always on. Make it easy to find and easy to read. Plus, learn networking strategies to grow a quality, professional network.


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Why should you invest in your resume and LinkedIn profile?

It could mean:

  • Saving hours of your own time trying to DIY in the dark.
  • Increasing your confidence and knowing your resume and LinkedIn profile have been written professionally, using best practices, to truly reflect the value you have to offer.
  • Having a solid resume and LinkedIn profile upon which to add future updates.
  • The difference between staying where you are for another 3 months and giving yourself the best chance to move forward.

What would a great opportunity mean for you?

Is your resume not getting the attention you think it deserves?

It’s sooo very frustrating to send out tens or even hundreds of resumes and then hear crickets for the next few weeks, isn’t it?

And the idea of writing a targeted resume for EACH POSITION sounds incredibly time consuming and even more boring. Snore.

But the harsh reality is that a targeted resume and cover letter can do absolute wonders in getting you the interview.

Because when you think about it, cover letters and resumes are your own personal marketing material – and if they’re not doing a good job at convincing prospective employers how valuable you are to them, then you’ll hear crickets.

If you’re the type who wants some guided instruction on how to revise your resume and cover letter, check out this out.

But if you want a done-for-you resume and cover letter, ready to send out to your dream job, then this one’s for you.

Resume Editing

Get feedback on your current set up and make the revisions yourself — two rounds of feedback on your resume and cover letter. More…

Professional Resume

Full re-do of your resume and cover letter based on your target position. Demonstrate your fit and value through your personal brand. More…

Are you underutilizing your LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn is NOT just another social media platform. But then, you already know that if you’re here:)

It’s the ultimate professional networking site and is responsible for bringing opportunities to different people every minute of the day.

You CAN harness the power of LinkedIn and receive opportunities you deserve. And it can be done in just two steps:

1. Optimize your profile to rank higher in search results and get found.

2. Grow your network and keep it warm using LinkedIn best practices and networking strategies.

For a DIY, hands-on environment, using real case studies, sign up for a LinkedIn workshop here. (Coming soon)

Or let me work with you one-on-one to craft a compelling and optimized profile and help you set networking goals that work for you. Find out more.

LinkedIn Profile Revamp

Optimize your LinkedIn profile so it can be found by the right people and apply best practices to grow your network and keep it warm.

Personal Branding Package

Deliver a consistent and persuasive message across the board with this most popular package. Combine Resume Plus and LinkedIn Profile Revamp for the best value.

LinkedIn Workshop

Full-day LinkedIn workshop on profile optimization and networking strategies with an implementation session. More…

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