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Coming up with your resume strategy

Coming up with your resume strategy. Your resume is part of your marketing strategy. And as such, it should be written strategically and be aligned with your employment objective. But how do you come up with your resume strategy? Before I write a resume, I outline...

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Help recruiters find you on LinkedIn

Help recruiters find you on LinkedIn. Many job seekers to turn to recruiters or (a.k.a., head-hunters) for help landing their dream jobs. While it’s true that presenting the best candidate for the position creates a winning situation for all involved, finding that...

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Your LinkedIn Headshot Counts

Your LinkedIn Headshot Counts. In this post, you’ll learn what makes a good LinkedIn headshot so you can make sure your LinkedIn profile is working for you. Your LinkedIn profile is always on. It’s available for viewing by your network and searchable for people...

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Score With Resume Keywords

Score with Resume Keywords. Have you ever been telling someone that you’re updating your resume to apply for a job and they matter-of-factly warn you to make sure your resume has keywords? You nod confidently saying “of course”, but in your mind you’re thinking what...

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How to Interview Your Prospective Employer

How to Interview Your Prospective Employer. The key to a great job is a great fit. That means, the corporate culture and job duties mesh well with the employee’s work style and abilities. That fit is a precious thing and can mean the difference between an employee...

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How to Dress for Your Job Interview

How to Dress for Your Job Interview. Knowing how to dress for a job interview can be puzzling indeed. Underdress and you you’re not taken seriously enough. Overdress (too much) and you show just how out of touch you are with the corporate culture. In this post, I...

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How to Ask for a Raise

How To Ask For A Raise. Asking for a raise has got to be one of the most stressful experiences an employee can face. You’re not alone if you’ve been putting it off or making excuses not to do it. If you’ve been putting it off, you know that asking for a raise involves...

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Job Hunting Over the Holidays, Keep It Up!

Job Hunting Over the Holidays – Keep it up! It’s a misconception that hiring slows down through the holidays. As much as it would make sense to have a quiet December, it’s actually a great time keep job hunting over the holidays. Here’s why: Your competition may be...

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What Makes a Bad Resume?

What makes a bad resume? How do you know if you’ve got a bad resume on your hands? A lot of advice addresses good resumes, but let’s take a closer look at the purpose of the resume and how a resume can go from good to bad. The purpose of a resume The purpose of a...

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Resume Writing and the In-Depth Interview

Resume Writing and the In-depth Interview. This post is all about how AWESOME it is to interview my clients. For both my resume writing and LinkedIn profile writing packages, an in-depth interview is integral to the process. It’s where we dive deep into your past...

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I am a Certified Resume Strategist who helps people uncover their achievements and market them within the workforce or consumer base. I have been involved in hiring and have seen hundreds of resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, so I know what will generate results. I am dedicated to helping my clients move their careers and businesses forward.

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