Maybe you are feeling frustrated that you haven’t been getting the results you’ve been hoping for when you’re applying for jobs, and suspecting that your resume, cover letter, and even your LinkedIn profile might have something to do with it.

Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of resume advice out there, and you’re way too busy to make time to figure it all out yourself. And who knows, even if you did have the time to sift through all the books, articles, and do-it-yourself guides, you still might not get your resume and LinkedIn profile to the level of professionalism and clarity you think it needs.



I have been there. I’ve sat at my computer for HOURS—writing and rewriting—my cover letters, wondering if I’m saying the right thing. Wondering what the mysterious code is to writing a good cover letter, resume and LinkedIn profile. I’ve been confused by the contradictory resume advice I’ve read. And I’ve felt frustrated that the resume templates I’ve used did not seem to emphasize my specific achievements the right way. Forget about formatting my resume myself.

Amid my frustration and confusion with the process of resume and LinkedIn profile writing, I ended up learning A LOT about the field. And I became really interested in it—passionate, you might say. That, I think, is the key for me: knowledge AND passion.

Later on, after launching my career in advertising, I became involved in hiring. I had the chance to sift through, or rather, click through, hundreds of cover letters, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles, and I began to see how my knowledge and passion could be put to good use.

I’ve been a copywriter at an advertising agency since 2009. And I’m a Certified Resume Strategist through Career Professionals of Canada, writing resumes and LinkedIn profiles for over a year. I know about brand strategy, key messaging, target audience—all those advertising concepts, and I’ll tell you, those ideas apply to resume and LinkedIn profile writing too. Who knew?


I can help you make great first impressions—when you’re not even there! I write strategic, targeted resumes and cover letters, and kick-ass LinkedIn profiles. (And no, your LinkedIn profile should NOT be a cut-and-paste of your resume, we’ll get to that in the It’s Personal Branding blog.)

If we work together, my hope is that you will feel confident, excited, and relieved.

Confident because you know your resume and LinkedIn profile have been written professionally, using the latest practices, to truly reflect the value you bring with you.

Excited because this point in time marks a turning point in your career—your life, and the options seem endless.

Relieved because you saved countless hours trying to DIY, and instead, spent them with important people or doing important things that I cannot do for you.

I would love for you to sign up for news and updates from me (you can do so on every single page of this website—hint, hint;), and if you’re really interested, I want you to email or call me to start working together right away. You can contact me here.

Keep in touch!


Holly Hagan

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